Si Wu

Welcome to my website!

I am a PhD student in Political Science, and a Graduate Student Fellow at the Hariri Institute for Computing at Boston University. My research interests include Chinese politics, American politics, race and gender inequalities, public opinion, media, and data science.

I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Physics from Imperial College London, U.K., and a Master’s Degree in Journalism from Northeastern University.

During the fall of 2019, I worked as an intern at the Harvard Data Science Review, where I designed and developed data visualization to effectively communicate data science concepts.

During the summer of 2019, I worked for the MGGG Redistricting Lab, where I conducted research in the mathematics of gerrymandering by applying data science to social and political problems. While there, I coauthored "Geometry of Graph Partitions Via Optimal Transport", a paper supervised by Justin Solomon at MIT.

Prior to that, I was a data researcher for Northeastern's School of Journalism. A highlight of my experience there is a Twitter sentiment analysis project - "Democrats 'went low' on Twitter leading up to 2018" - that got published on news publication Roll Call.

At Imperial College London, I conducted various computing, laboratory and research projects collaboratively and solved challenging physics, math and statistical questions. My experience studying and working in the U.K., China and the U.S. has also provided me with a global perspective, a valuable skill in today’s highly-interconnected world.

Outside my work, I like to cook, travel, and practice yoga.


Geometry of Graph Partitions via Optimal Transport. SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing. (With Tara Abrishami, Nestor Guillen, Parker Rule, Zachary Schutzman, Justin Solomon, and Thomas Weighill.) ArXiv: 1910.09618.

Democrats "went low" on Twitter leading up to 2018. Roll Call. (With Aleszu Bajak.)

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